Lea Peterson is the Featured Artist for 2016 Clam Festival

We are pleased to announce that the featured artist for the 2016 Yarmouth Clam Festival is Léa Peterson!

These beautiful posters will be for sale during the festival and will soon be available for purchase on our online store.

Learn more about Léa at her website.


When the Yarmouth Chamber of Commerce asked me to do the artwork to help promote the 2016 Clam Festival, I decided the only way to convey the drama of shellfish harvesting was to don rubber boots and follow clammers out into the mudflats. Chris Warner, who has been involved in developing Maine’s first commercial soft-shell farm off the coast of Georgetown, was a willing model and gave me important practical pointers, such as how to break the suction so I didn’t walk out of my boots and take a mud bath. Once I got the hang of moving around in the flats, I was able to take great photos to use as resources in my painting. I went out on a sunny fall day and found that the reflections in the pools and eddies were as interesting to me as Chris’ gestures as he worked. The resulting painting, called “Wild Harvest”, is the first in a new series of paintings inspired by clammers and the environment they not only harvest but protect.

Léa Peterson
“Wild Harvest”

2016 Clam Festival Poster